Escalation in Import Export, La rada, Locarno, 2019

This work is part of an on going research on parallels between criminality and art practices. In this context with such a title Import/Export, the work want to present the artist as a gun dealer. Artworks are ironically presented as climbing elements in term to present this trade as an escalation with his potential of violence.

Ekonization: Crazy Holidays

Ekonization: Crazy Holidays
2018 Tart Gallery, Stereoskop performance festival, Zurich
2019 Varazdin Performance Festival, Varazdin, Croatia
2019 Aica int. – Populism and Nationalism, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

The performance Ekonization: crazy holidays is part of a several works based on a personal experience in a spontaneous refugees camp in 2016 near the city of Polykastro: Eko camp.
This work presented as performance or theater display is a focus on post traumatic syndrome for people involved in an humanitarian role. In this context of Syrian exodus, a lot of help have been managed and created by independent volunteers, mostly European citizen who went in Greek’s Island or at the border with Macedonia. This phenomenon contributed to have first aids and to not overwhelm official NGO. Also it have created personal interaction between people that became friendships and more deep connections by sharing long period of stress and intense situations.

Crazy Holidays want to share in public psychotic consequences that western people might have once back home and to exit from the usual iconography of glorifying humanitarian workers. The way back home isn’t so evident and might created disorders to refund serenity and balance. In the performance irony as a tool to create distance, to be able to face some situation is here short circuited in front of faith irony. The title of the performance « Crazy Holidays » is in fact the name of the bus company that remove people from Indomeni spontaneous camp to Military camps.
From that moment a crisis of humor produced a more personal implication with the whole situation, is the start of an emotional roller coaster that continued several month later.

The performance share intense moments, a struggle for balance and the need to make this story part of the collective memory.

Photo archive Stereoskop festival, Tart Gallery, August 2018, Zurich

Video archive, Varazdin performance festival, 3rd june 2019, Croatia


Piegeception is a photo installation created for Artist Run Space espace libre in collaboration with Journée de la photographie (Bienne).
The space is transformed in a photo trap where audience is framed while visiting the exhibition. Andrea Marioni manufactured mask that allow people to enter in the trap anonymously producing strange posture and presences in the art space.
This work is inspired by philospher Michel Foucault who was questionning himself about the possibility for western people to have an external gaze about them in term of anthropological approach.

Ekonization: Hello my friend

Ekonization: Hello My Friend, Galeria Miejska, Poznan, 2019 (solo show)

Andrea Marioni. Ekonization: Hello My Friend