Ratatata, Boom, Bang, Wroooam

Che c’é di nuovo, uno sguardo sulla scena artistica emergent in Ticino, @Dienstgebaüde, Zurich, April 2016

Ratatata, Boom, Bang, Wroooam, is considered as the second chapter of my project Iteotwawki since 2003.

This work was presented in Dienstgebaüde in Zurich. The installation was formed by four hand-made bags, each decorated with a word of the title. Ratatata, Boom, Bang, Wrooam is a sort of story announcing what is inside the bags. Walking around them, it is possible to see on the bottom the elements necessary to make a handmade bomb. While the outside looks like a pop-art installation, in reality it is actually used to a hide a bomb which can stand as a sort of portrait of my generation and contemporary life in western countries.

A Molotov on the wall is part of the composition and n it is written the definition of the psychological term: Repression. Thisannounces a desire to riot which is presented as a repressed desire and the necessity to deal nowadays with such kind of psychological issues.