Truth is Made by Fiction

with Collettivo UP, Sonnenstube, July 2015, Lugano

Collettivo UP was created on the occasion of an invitation from the art space Sonnenstube, Lugano to artists running Urgent Paradise art space in Lausanne.

The crew of Urgent Paradise decided instead to show works by each member to create a collective. This freshly born artist group didn’t have any works to present in the upcoming exhibition in Lugano. So Collettivo UP (Urgent Paradise) went to Ticino for a week residence and created several situations that were constantly documented. At a second moment, all this material collected was used to invent the history of Colletivo UP and the exhibition in Sonnenstube was presented as a retrospective.

The title addresses the fakeness of this Collective and the retrospective exhibition. At the same time this fiction produced real works that have been shown in the exhibition and Colletivo UP continued aftewards to participate in a few art exhibitions in Switzerland.

The production method is also inspired by community of artists living in the mountains, like Monte Verità or other exemples. Members of Colletivo UP stayed for a few days in the isolated village of Ditto and started to work and produce their story.

Below are a few pictures which also include a performance realized for the local people living there.

Several installations were taking place with different recurrence and several printing works have been produced.

The video here was also part of the exhibition and somehow it resumes part of the production process and members of Colletivo UP.