Fish Society

Lokal-Int, 23 – 26 March 2017, Biel/Bienne (solo show)

This exhibition is the last chapter of the trilogy which started with Ekonization in La Rada, Locarno followed by In Wheels we Trust at Die Diele, Z├╝rich. Here the display is composed by paintings, installations and a performance to present a speculative society which has based its aesthetics on fishing hooks. All objects are directly inspired by fishing graphics and placed here on canvas or as contemporary sculptures. The goal is to speculate on a contemporary society which functions only around fishing activity. Also is to consider that the tackle industry is a sort of creative graphics expression made for fishes, because they are supposed to catch the attention of fishes. So the logic of tackles here is dedicated to humans and becomes an aesthetic proposal.

The performance is a production of digital sound mixed with an invented traditional way of singing, also the language used is totally improvised and it’s a personal grammelot. The exhibition also aimed to question the relation of a community to its environment and how this relation affects the production of artistic phenomena.

Below are a few pictures of the opening and an edited archive of the performance.