In wheels we trust

Die Diele, 9 March- 17 April 2017, Zurich (solo show)

This work was developed during an eight month long road trip across several countries in Europe. The main topic was to invent a spiritual connection between roads, landscape and drivers. At that point the wish of a specific aesthetic emerged and the exhibition is the result of such a hypothesis.

Several objects have been created to underline the necessity of a human group or community to customise their everyday tools in something more abstract. A research of producing an social identity. The visitors form a sort of archeology where the wheels are a recurrent matrix.

During the opening the movie In wheels we trust was projected into the van I used to travel to consider as a ephemeral extension of the art space an « on the road » room.

The soundtrack of the movie is an original feature realized with the rock band Viruuunga and is a ritual of the belief presented throughout the exhibition. My wish was to reproduce the change of mindset that appears while on a long drive, when the driver starts to experience a sort of hypnosis from the landscape and the music (and the noise of the motor). All these element can be perceived as a modern mantra.

Below are a few documentation pictures, a video of the live performance with Viruuunga and the full extended version of the movie with the original soundtrack.