Oral Bank

Oral Bank, FAQ, Basel, 2019

Oral Bank is an on going work started in 2014 during performance festival « Action speak louder » in Sonnenstube art space in Lugano. Here is the second time that Oral Bank open an office to offers his service of oral sculpture emission. The principle of the Oral Bank is to provide a private service secure by bank secret in term to guarantee a property of an oral sculpture formulated in real time by the oral bankers and costumers.

An oral sculpture is essentially sound, it might have have meaning in any language but the bank is only care about the shape of the sound. All sculpture are different and are made in collaboration with client that decide what kind of oral sculpture he/she want to have: abstract, short, poetical, magical, long and whatever is decided with oral bankers. The property is written and signed in bank register which guarantee the official emission and property.

The property of an oral sculpture can be trade under specific rules, because the owner of an oral sculpture in share is good split is property in a collective ownership. This legal base, can be officially registered by Oral Bank and confirmed with official contracts. An oral sculpture is emitted free of charges and his only additional services or certificates that might be obtain from the bank by payments.

If you’re interested to invite and open an Oral Bank agency please contact marioni.andrea@gmail.com. All agencies had they own atmosphere and display.

Description of protocol:
Any body up 18 years old can open an Oral Bank account and received free an Oral sculpture.
Client agreed with bankers about terms and conditions by oral contract
After a small interview (5-7min) bankers propose a right draft of the oral sculpture.
The client can negotiate and discuss sounds proposed by the banker and defined more clearly sound shapes and rhythm.
In agreement with the client, the banker emit the Oral Sculpture and seals the sound as a property.
A signature in bank register confirmed that the client is the owner of an oral sculpture and had the possibility to trade it splitting his ownership.
Is possible to ask a certificate of ownership by payment.
The bank can provided supplementary services such oral sculpture trade consulting, legal advise and deliver certificates.