Ratatata, Boom, Bang, Wroooam

Ratatata, Boom, Bang, Wroooam, Stadt Galerie, Bern, 2018

This works produced in 2016 for exhibition in Dienstgebäude (Zürich) « Che c’é di nuovo, sguardo sulla scena artistica ticinese », have been part in 2018 in group show for BONE festival in Bern Stadt Galerie.

Ratatata, Boom, Bang, Wroooam is an installation presenting 4 DIY bags in which there are elements of an hand made bomb, visible while walking around them. The work is part of on going research exploring links between criminality and art, dissident armed political movements and how to work in terms of aesthetic to present such subjects.
The installation is accompanied by a molotov bottle bomb in which is writte psychiatric definition of « repression ». This term in such ensemble made clear a wish to present a threat, a potential of violence here repressed but can explode in any time.