into the exhibition Screamscape, Fri-Art, 2015

Screamsafer is based on old public service « street screamer ». This work presented in French cities during the middle ages and early modern times was a figure of free popular speech. People could write messages destined to be heard by everybody – it could be a simple commercial for a shop, a love declaration or a political statement. The screamer was a channel to share those messages often anonymous, especially for political issues.

Here Screamsafer was working with the same methodology, as we are in a time of social network but also under constant control. The service of a public screamer can guarantee a public free speech and debate with the assurance of anonymity.

The performance was activated in between others live art proposal during all Fri-art Screamscape event. Here few archive pictures.

Costume design is a collaboration with artist Marta Margnetti.