The plague trilogy

The plague trilogy is a spoken words performance realized in the context of Progetto 6000 and presented live in Cabaret Voltaire Zurich.

The work is divided in three chapter that have been presented in different evening between april and may 2018.
Music and Text is an original feature for this context and the form is inspired by Robert Ashley’s the TV opera (and performance) Perfect Life.
In such a context like Switzerland the practice of spoken words isn’t so familiar to the audience, most of the time text is presented in form of reading and action in theâtre or performance, here « Spoken Word » in understoop as a zone where static reading find a form of action in front of the audience without entering in a total spectacular relation. In fact reading the text produce directly a sort of distance.

Here Plague is used to speak about contemporary, existentialism, relation with void, wars live broadcast in TV. The idea is inspired by Artaud theater theory in which he compares Plague and theater.

The plot is turning around a group of young people pretending to be Poets and by poetry fighting against the plague. The result is a sort of terrorist armed group using Poetry as a weapon. In the trilogy we follow their steps in this struggle against the plague, trying to save them selves from a felling of void.

The chapter subtitle are: Radicalisation, Poetry, Consequences.

Progetto 6000 curated by Tara Lasrado & Alessandra Gabaglio
Cabaret Voltaire host: Adrian Notz
Music and performer: Eva Zornio
Text and perfomer: Andrea Marioni
Dancer and performer: Anais Wenger

All images thanks to team @CabaretVoltaire